Biografía de Daniel Best Arias


Daniel Best Arias

Daniel Best Arias is a film director and cinematographer based in Switzerland, whose main focus lies in single shot scenes and planned sequence fiction films. His first experiences in filmmaking date back to his early school years in his birth country Colombia, where he’d capture his friends’ skating skills. As a son of diplomats who has travelled many countries, he was not only able to achieve fluency in five languages, but also gained first-hand insight into diverse social classes, whose impressions would inspire him throughout his films.

Daniel was later received as an intern at a public interest video production company in Washington D.C. (Azimuth MPS), where he learned to oversee the production area of all basic procedures in the film business. After being accepted into film school at the Zurich University of the Arts in 2015, Daniel has further crafted his skills in screenwriting, directing and film soundtracks, whilst working as a freelance cinematographer in theatre productions. The latter has not only broadened his spectrum in the world of theatre, but made him reflect on its developmental differences in regards to the artistic approach in film production. As a result Daniel started incorporating more theatrical workflows in his preparatory approach on his films, furthermore rehearsing in a rather democratic fashion and with tools of improvisation to give the actors freedom to co-design his vision.